How To Use TextEVO

1. Use a web browser to access this cloud based software.

This web app looks best on the current version of Chrome, Firefox 20, Internet Explorer 10, Safari, etc, but will work fine on any modern browser with HTML5 support - including tablets and iPads. A few features may be disabled if your browser is an old version.

2. Start typing into the main box just like any text editor software. In the default mode, photos relevant to the content of your text appear in the background over time.

Screen shot
"Lake Hawea" by ed37

TextEVO allows you to automatically extract text from various sources:

* Note: Some web sites do not allow such extraction and thus no text will show up. Do always attribute any text from a 3rd party back to the orignal website and author. TextEVO does not support plagiarism.

File Menu
Grab text from website

3. TextEVO allows you to manipulate your text via a suite of actions (or "mod"s / modifcations) categorised under 4 main headings - REMOVE, REPLACE, INSERT and SORT. Click on the the actions below these headings to manipulate your text.

Remove Menu

Replace Menu
Insert Menu
Sort Menu

Should you not like your last action, clicking the Undo button reverts changes back to the state before the last action was done. Clicking on Undo again will "redo" the last action. 

Also, notice that textEVO continually displays the amount of text at the bottom right corner of the browser. Enabling the TOP 10 WORDS display (from the FILE menu) allows you to view the most often used words in the text box.

Word Count

4. Once you are satisfied with the result of your text, click on Select all Text, right-click on the highlighted text and pick Copy.

5. Move to your favourite text editor (e.g. Notepad), email or website and simply paste in your freshly modded text.

* * *

Please feel free to check out the more advanced features within the various modding actions available. Move your mouse over the photo backdrop to reveal the arrow and playback controls. Click on the navigation icons to move on to the next or previous photo.

Photo selection
"All I want for christmas..." by Tom Wolf

You can get photo owner information, download the wallpaper by hovering your mouse over the photo title and owner's at the bottom right of the browser display and clicking once.

Photos displayed on TextEVO come from the Flickr collection. Select settings to limit photos to only those distributed under the Creative Commons License for royalty free use - usually with owner attribution, see source owner's Flickr page for any special instructions. You should always verify that the work marked with a Creative Commons License is actually under such a license by following the source link to Flickr. Photos under a Creative Commons License are a great way to spruce up your reports, presentations or websites. They also make great wallpaper for your desktop.

Grab Photo
"Notre Dame de Paris" by Panoramas

We hope that you find this tool useful. Please send us some Feedback from the ABOUT menu if you have any feedback or suggestions for new features which are useful for you. Thanks!